Nov 21, 2020 1:00 PM

ElderCare needs volunteers for 4th Annual Senior Tree

Posted Nov 21, 2020 1:00 PM

Great Bend Post

The 4th Annual Senior Tree at ElderCare Inc. is underway and ready for those people who need to be sponsored and for volunteers to fill that need.   

ElderCare Director Brandi Gruber said they have about 100 clients, and the staff talks to the caregivers to help figure out what the seniors’ needs this holiday season are.   

“We have a wide variety of needs from blankets, slippers, clothing, cleaning items, and that sort of thing. It just depends on the need. Then we also try to do something fun like their favorite snack or their favorite candy. Then they get a want and a need,” explained Gruber.  

Gruber says from that list; tags are made and hung on the tree. People can come in and pick up a tag, although an appointment is needed due to COVID. Another option is to call and request a tag be picked for you, and they will text or email you a picture of the tag. Items purchased need to be back at Eldercare by Dec 10, so the gifts can start to be delivered the week of Dec 14.   

Gruber says if you don’t want to shop but still want to help this holiday season, there is another option.   

“We do accept donations, and we will do the shopping for you. Every year we have businesses, civic groups, and individuals come in to donate, and we definitely do not have a problem doing the shopping. In fact, I’ve already started on that.”  

Gruber says this year is more important than ever as seniors typically are not getting out since the spring and seeing their loved ones because of the pandemic. Additionally, with the second wave of COVID hitting communities hard, many will be without their families this holiday season, and Gruber says many of their clients will be facing months of continued isolation.   

To make an appointment or to have a tag picked out and sent to you, call ElderCare at 620-792-5942.