Sep 28, 2022

Action from the Barton County Commission meeting (9/28)

Posted Sep 28, 2022 5:40 PM

Action from the Wednesday, September 28, 2022, Barton County Commission agenda meeting:

APPROVAL OF APPROPRIATIONS: -An Accounts Payable Register was approved for the period of September 14, 2022, and ending September 28, 2022.

OLD BUSINESS - RESOLUTION 2022-22: A Resolution Concerning the Involvement of Sitting Barton County Commissioners on Area Boards and Committees: -This item was tabled.

NEW BUSINESS - PROCLAMATION 2022-15: National 4-H Week:
   -Michelle Beran, Cottonwood Extension District ā€“ Barton County, was joined by area youth in presenting the proposed Proclamation. 4-H, as delivered by area Cooperative Extension agencies, has helped thousands of youth become true leaders, entrepreneurs and visionaries. By declaring October 2 ā€“ 8, 2022, as National 4-H Week, the Commission encourages all citizens to recognize 4-H for the significant impact it makes by empowering youth with the skills they need to lead for a lifetime.

RESOLUTION 2022-22: Application for Zoning Amendment for a Described Tract of Land: -Judy Goreham, Environmental Manager, provided details. The Barton County Planning Commission received a Zoning Amendment Application from the Alan and Kathleen Hoffman Revocable Trust for an 0.8 acre +/- tract of land to be rezoned. Being part of a larger tract located in the NE/4, Section 20, Township 17 South, Range 13 West, the ground is currently classified as Agricultural. The application calls for the tract to be rezoned to Light Manufacturing Service Commercial District so that a shop can be built for Vā€™s Workshop. With the Resolution, the business will be relocated to this location where the family is also building a new home.

SOLID WASTE: Repair of the Caterpillar 615C II Scraper:
   -Jennifer Hamby, Solid Waste Director, provided details. The Barton County Landfill operates a Caterpillar 615C II Scraper that is used to move dirt to various places on site for essential tasks such as waste cover and building roads, berms and evaporation ponds. In June, the crank shaft dampner/pulley came off. Foley Equipment made the necessary repairs. In conjunction with the crank shaft repair, the gasket on the hydraulic tank was replaced. The Commission approved Foley Equipment making such needed repairs at $30,016.33.

SOLID WASTE: Hoisington Gun Club Improvement Project at Cheyenne Bottoms:
   -Ms. Hamby provided details. The Hoisington Gun Club is developing a project at Cheyenne Bottoms. As a part of the project, the club has hired Prosser Dirt to excavate. The Barton County Landfill has agreed to accept dirt from the excavation at the rate of $120.00 per load. Dirt is needed at the Landfill to provide intermediate/final cover and for other construction projects. Continuation of the project is approved. D

ISTRICT CORONER: Appointment of Deputy Coroner: -Matt Patzner, Director of Operations, will provide details. Dr. Patrick Stiles was appointed as District Coroner effective November 1, 2020. The Commission approved Dr. Logan Shetlar being appointed as a Deputy District Coroner.