Jun 22, 2022

Action from the Barton County Commission meeting (6/22)

Posted Jun 22, 2022 5:55 PM

Action from the June 22, 2022, Barton County Commission meeting:

APPROVAL OF APPROPRIATIONS: -An Accounts Payable Register was approved for the period of June 8, 2022, and ending June 22, 2022.

NEW BUSINESS - COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE: Cereal Malt Beverage License Application: -Bev Schmeidler, County Clerk, will provide details. Per K.S.A. 41-2702, no retailer shall sell any cereal malt beverage without having secured a license for that business. The cereal malt beverage license was approved for Corinthians Hills LLC.

EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION AWARD: Amy Ferguson, Community Liaison, Health Department: -Bailey Rankin, ERC President, provided details. The Commission recognized Amy Ferguson, Community Liaison, Barton County Health Department. Ms. Ferguson was nominated, in part, for her support of those recovering from substance misuse, trauma and mental illness as a liaison for local services.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Digital Signage: -Karen Winkelman, Health Director, provided details. Using Vendor Registry, the Health Department solicited a Request for Proposals for the acquisition and installation of new LED digital signage for their 1300 Kansas, Great Bend, location. This was to include a professional LED display monitor, digital signage software and all necessary cabling and wire runs. Bids were accepted until 1:00 p.m., May 27, 2022. The Commission approved the bid from Mark’s Custom Signs for a total of $51,096.00 and authorized the release of a second RFP relative to needed electrical work.

HEARTLAND STRUCTURE, LLC: Damage to the Salt Shed at the South Washington Sand Pit: -Darren Williams, County Works Director, provided details. The salt shed at the South Washington Sand Pit was damaged during the December, 2021, wind storm. Heartland Structures, LLC has estimated repair at $34,254.00. Amy Miller, Emergency Risk Manager, submitted the bill to insurance and received payment in February, 2022. The Commission authorized the repair.

BOARD APPOINTMENT: The Center for Counseling and Consultation: -Matt Patzner, Director of Operations, provided details. The County solicited applicants for The Center for Counseling and Consultation Governing Board. This Board reviews and makes recommendations on mental health services in Barton County and the surrounding area. Kathleen McGinnis was appointed to the unexpired position that terms December 31, 2024.