Jun 09, 2021 10:00 PM

Councilmember looking for ordinances to apply to all

Posted Jun 09, 2021 10:00 PM
Southwest corner of the 24th & McKinley intersection
Southwest corner of the 24th & McKinley intersection

Great Bend Post

Prior to the property abatements being presented Monday night at the Great Bend City Council meeting, councilmember Alan Moeder voiced his frustration that a city-owned property has not consistently followed their own ordinance.

The overgrown vegetation ordinance states any grass that is nine inches or higher is noncompliant. Moeder referred to the city’s property at the southwest corner of the 24th & McKinley intersection to be in violation.

"The city can't say 'do as I say, but not as I do,' that is not the way it works," said Moeder. "If you want people to have pride in their property, the city needs to have pride in their property. We have some great things going on with the city, but it all has to start at the top."

Since voicing his concern, the empty residential plot has been mowed. 
If a resident does not take care of the property, the city will eventually mow the yard and send the owner a bill if the abatement is approved by the city council. Moeder mentioned Monday he would not be approving any abatements until the city took care of their own violation.

On a different matter, Moeder would also like to see the privately-owned Great Bend Hotel and Convention Center on 10th Street get spruced up. Getting ahold of the owners of the abandoned building has been difficult in the past but Moeder says there is an effort to reach out to the owners.

"We want to see if the owners will give us permission to trim the bushes and clean it up for a good general appearance," said Moeder. "So many people still think that is part of the Events Center and it's not. We're hoping to get some volunteers and clean it up."

Concerning the 24th & McKinley lot, the city has contracted out the mowing services in the past but that costly endeavor ended. In the past, the city has mowed around the perimeter of the undeveloped land in the Amber Meadows subdivision, but has left the middle alone.