Sep 14, 2021

Action from the Barton County Commission meeting (9/14/21)

Posted Sep 14, 2021 9:59 PM

Action from the Tuesday, September 14, 2021, Barton County Commission meeting:

APPROVAL OF APPROPRIATIONS: -An Accounts Payable Register was approved for the period of August 30, 2021, and ending September 14, 2021.

NEW BUSINESS - COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE: Request for Approval – Added / Abated / Escaped / Refunded Taxes: -Donna Zimmerman, County Clerk, presented a listing of Added / Abated / Escaped / Refunded Taxes. The item was tabled as the Commission had certain questions for the County Appraiser.

PROCLAMATION 2021-13: National Recovery Month, September, 2021: -Substance misuse is estimated to cost society $740 billion each year in health care costs, lost productivity and criminal justice costs. In addition, the impact of substance misuse on family dynamics increases the likelihood of Acute Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Amy Boxberger, CKCC Director and Rise Up Central Kansas community member, presented Proclamation 2021-13, National Recovery Month, September, 2021, which details the impact of recovery through better management of health, home, purpose and community. The Proclamation was adopted.

PROCLAMATION 2021-14: In Support of the 2021 Great Bend Airport Airfest: -The City of Great Bend, Kansas, and the Great Bend Municipal Airport will welcome the Warbirds for a three-day event that includes educational tours, warbird and aircraft displays, historical displays, warbird and helicopter rides and airshows. On the evening of September 18, 2021, there will be a Veteran’s Recognition Ceremony. The adopted Proclamation calls on all citizens of Barton County to attend the event and honor veterans. In coordination with the Proclamation, and as a result of the County’s sponsorship of the event, the County was able to provide 10 tickets for give away. Chairman James R. Daily selected Daniel Perez, Facilities, as the winner of the two tickets reserved for County employees. Through the County’s Facebook page contest, Tim Gohl, Tina Louisa, Geneva Applebee and Heather Marsh were chosen to receive two tickets each. Commissioner Shawn Hutchinson personally donated another five pair of tickets for employees. Those winners included Matt Patzner, Finance; Richard Allen, Keaton Goering and Dave Paden, Sheriff’s Office; and Aracely Poblano, Health Department.

COMMISSION: Barton County Façade Improvement Grant: -The Commission tabled this item, choosing to speak with the applicants in study session. This included AJN Investments, LLC, 1315 Main, Great Bend; Barnard Tire and Automotive, 202 N Main, Hoisington; Jerad and Adeline Chansler, 1604 Main, Great Bend; Loretta K. Miller – two projects, 2019 and 2021 Forest Avenue, Great Bend; Kent A. Roth, 10 N Main, Ellinwood; and Two Chicks & Some Old Bird, 106 N Main, Ellinwood.

It was announced that County officials have been invited to attend the Great Bend Airport Airfest, held September 17 – 19, 2021, at the Great Bend Municipal Airport. In addition, the Commission has been invited to attend the Veteran’s Recognition Ceremony, beginning at 7:00 p.m., Saturday, September 18, 2021, at the Great Bend Municipal Airport, 9047 6th Street Great Bend, Kansas.

The COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE: Request for Approval – Added / Abated / Escaped / Refunded Taxes was brought back for action. After hearing from Wendy Prosser, County Appraiser, the listing was adopted.