Jan 24, 2023

A scholarly night at Great Bend's Holy Family School

Posted Jan 24, 2023 5:00 PM

The Holy Family Scholars Bowl took place Monday, Jan. 23 with 80 students from Barton County competing. The Holy Family Blue Team placed second in the 6th division and Holy Family Blue tied for third in the 5th division. 

Other Great Bend schools that competed were Lincoln, Park, Riley, Jefferson, Central Kansas Christian Academy, St. Joseph of Ellinwood and Holy Family.

The round-robin competition was played according to KSHSAA rules with five players on each team. There were seven rounds played with each round having 16 questions with three questions each from Social Studies, ELA, Math and Science and one question each from Fine Arts, Sports, Miscellaneous and Current Events. Each question was worth 10 points. Questions were based on curriculum and recent events.