Nov 20, 2023

City of Great Bend: Prevent holiday drain clogs

Posted Nov 20, 2023 9:00 PM

Great Bend Post

The City of Great Bend is urging residents to avoid pouring grease, oils and fats down the drain, as they can cause serious clogs in the sewer system. These substances can solidify and stick to the pipes, reducing the flow of wastewater and creating backups.

Great Bend Public Works Director Jason Cauley said with the Thanksgiving cooking traditions this week, it’s time for a good reminder.

"A lot of people, after they get done cooking and they're ready to clean their dishes, they end up pouring their grease down the drain," said Cauley. "That can actually affect them first before it affects the city."

The city also advises not to flush wipes, as they do not break down easily and can also block the sewers.

"They should soak that grease up with a paper towel or put it in another container to be put in the trash," Cauley added.

The city asks residents to dispose of grease, oil, fats and wipes in the trash instead of the drain. Not only does that help keep the city’s system functioning properly, it also protects your private sewer system.