Mar 19, 2023

2nd Street repairs in Hoisington expected to begin in June

Posted Mar 19, 2023 12:00 PM

Great Bend Post

The City of Hoisington was awarded $568,571 in Cost Share funds from the State of Kansas in June 2021 to resurface a portion of 2nd Street. Two years later, Hoisington expects the project to begin this summer. Hoisington City Manager Jonathan Mitchell said the improvements will replace the pavement on 2nd Street, one block of west of Main Street and two blocks east of Main.

"We recently opened bids for the project," said Mitchell. "Stone Sand, Suchy Construction and Sharkey Construction are all going to work together to do this project. Their proposed early start date is June of this year."

The project will improve 2nd Street by replacing the existing pavement with six inches of concrete over a six-inch aggregate base. Most of the existing curb and gutter will be replaced. Broken sections of the existing sidewalk will be replaced, and ADA ramps will be installed. 

Hoisington applied for funding for the 2nd Street project four times, and successfully getting the 50/50 matching funds in 2021.