Jan 21, 2021 1:00 AM

Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic giving away free hand sanitizer at event

Posted Jan 21, 2021 1:00 AM

Great Bend Post

If you're an Ellinwood resident, the Ellinwood Hospital and Clinic will be distributing 3.3 oz bottles of hand sanitizer next Tuesday.    

Ellinwood Hospital Infection Control Nurse Cassie Stevenson says that the distribution event came about after receiving an email from the Barton County Health Department that they had hand sanitizer through the state available for hospitals.    

"I responded to her at that time and told her that we (Ellinwood Hospital) were good. We had secured our supplies, and we didn't need any. But, would we be able to take it and distribute it to those in need in our community. At that time, it was specifically designated from KDHE for hospitals only. I told her that was fine but that if that ever changes to please let me know. After some time, the Barton County Health Department reached back out and let me know that the restrictions had been taken off of the hand sanitizer and did we still want it? Absolutely," explained Stevenson.    

Stevenson said they picked up an entire pallet of the sanitizer and began organizing the community distribution day. Stevenson said she felt like there was a greater need in the city's churches, daycares, businesses, and residents' homes because stores typically have limits on bottles of sanitizer, if they have any available for sale at all.     

Stevenson explains that even though viruses can be spread through the air, having clean hands is the first line of defense of staying healthy.   

"People do not realize what they come into contact with and how many times they touch their face, nose and mouth. So, making sure they are cleaning their hands often and cleaning them well is a critical key in keeping everyone healthy."   

The Hand Sanitizer Distribution Event is scheduled for January 26 from 1-3 pm and is limited to Ellinwood businesses and residents. People can pick-up their free sanitizer at the Education Room door at the hospital. Masks are required, and social distancing will be enforced.