Feb 12, 2024

Great Bend approves additional position for finance department

Posted Feb 12, 2024 10:00 PM

Great Bend Post

Last week’s approval of the consent agenda during the Great Bend City Council meeting included an addition to the city’s finance team and the old police building remodel.

Earlier this year, City Administrator Brandon Anderson noted through his first few months on the job he noticed the finance department could use assistance. The department consists of City Clerk Shawna Schafer and Deputy City Clerk Alison Urban. Great Bend will shift allocated general fund dollars from a vacant position to fund the new position of Accounts Payable Clerk.

With the Great Bend Police Department moving over to the new $9 million Justice Center, the council approved a $39,316 remodel to the old station to be used for office space. The majority of the expense will be used for new flooring. The remodel will allow the inspections, public lands and property maintenance departments additional office space.    

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