May 30, 2020 6:00 PM

KRUG: Happy Older American’s Month

Posted May 30, 2020 6:00 PM
Donna Krug
Donna Krug

written by: Donna Krug - Cottonwood Extension Office

I just noticed that May was designated as Older American’s Month, so I’ll take advantage of the last day of the month to share some information from Erin Yelland, our Adult Development and Aging specialist at KSU. We are hearing a lot these days about how our seniors may be experiencing loneliness or social isolation. Let’s take a closer look and share some ways to combat this.

Loneliness is a feeling or experience that some people might have. It can occur when you do not have as much social interaction as you would like or even after a major life transition – such as divorce, death, a move, or even quarantine due to COVID19. Social isolation is when someone has little contact with other people on a regular basis.

So, what are some ways to combat loneliness and social isolation?

1) Focus on your sense of purpose

2) Maintain your sense of belonging

3) Connect with community groups, family members and friends.

Connecting can be difficult during COVID19 but here are some easy ideas. Pick up the phone and call your friends, step outside and chat with neighbors, mail a letter, connect via video calls, send silly pictures, and try to have fun from afar.

Give me a call for some excellent fact sheets from our Keys to Embracing Aging resources. I am happy to share.

Donna Krug is the District Director and Family & Consumer Science Agent for the Cottonwood Extension District. You may reach her at: (620)793-1910 or [email protected]