May 18, 2020 6:12 PM

Grants & loans available for small businesses in Barton County

Posted May 18, 2020 6:12 PM

Businesses across the state of Kansas are feeling unprecedented pressures from the economic and health impacts of COVID-19. The Kansas Department of Commerce calls for a strong and creative response. The Barton County Commission echoes that by announcing the availability of over $100,000.00 for working capital loans and grants. The Commission decided on May 18, 2020, to offer the balance of the County’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) / Economic Development Revolving Loan (EDLRF) in the form of grants to Barton County businesses.

The national objective is job retention, and the monies must be used for working capital. Sue Cooper, Grant Coordinator, said the Department of Commerce defines that as salaries and wages, purchase of inventory, utilities, rent, insurance payments, etc. is up to a $25,000 maximum per job retained. A business with less than 5 full-time employees may apply for a maximum of $30,000 ($25,000 per job retained), and 6-50 full-time employees a maximum of $50,000.

Also, at least 51% of a business’s employees must be considered low-to-moderate income. Each employee will need to complete an Employee Certification Form, defining how many people are in their household and the total family income from all family members in 2019. Employee income limits are set below.

Chairman Kenny Schremmer reiterated that the County intends to get the funds into the hands of local small business owners as quickly as possible. Funding is available for businesses located in Barton County, that are situated outside the city limits of Great Bend. This includes companies in Hoisington, Ellinwood, Claflin, and other rural areas. Please call Great Plains Development at (620) 227-6406 for further details, eligibility requirements, and to complete an application.

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May 18, 2020 6:12 PM
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