Feb 07, 2020 11:00 PM

Barton County employees recognized for years of service

Posted Feb 07, 2020 11:00 PM

Barton County employees were recognized for their continuous service at this past Monday's County Commission meeting. The Commission, along with the assistance of Ryan Lichter with the Employee Relations Committee, honored employees for their service.

5 Years of Service: Kimmie Christendon (County Clerk, Tami Johns (County Treasurer, Alex Lomas (Sheriff's Office, Matt Patzner (Administrator's Office, Daniel Perez (Facilities, Taylor Saindon (Road & Bridge, Shelly Schneider (Health Department, Jonathan Strandberg (Sheriff's Office, Rita Sunderland (County Attorney, Bryan Volkel (Sheriff's Office)

10 Years of Service: Wes Knox (Sheriff's Office, Homer Kruckenberg (Commission, Karla Newport (County Attorney)

15 Years of Service: Travis Doze (Sheriff's Office, Jeanette Sanders (Health Department)

20 Years of Service: Marissa Woodmansee (Juvenile Services)

30 Years of Service: Lloyd Lewis (Sheriff's Office, Dave Smith (Sheriff's Office)

40 Years of Service: Bruce Green (Sheriff's Office, Warren Peterson (Sheriff's Office)