Jan 09, 2020 10:30 PM

Bissell’s Point neighborhood advances first in Nex-Tech fiber project in Great Bend

Posted Jan 09, 2020 10:30 PM

From Nex-Tech...

Nex-Tech is pleased to announce the Bissell's Point neighborhood is one step closer to receiving fiber-to-the-home. Bissell’s Point surpassed the required threshold of homes showing interest in receiving Nex-Tech Fiber and will advance to the sign-up phase.

Residents of Bissell’s Point will now be asked to commit to services and select the Nex-Tech services they would like to receive, including Internet, local phone service and TV Now. Nex-Tech is also beginning pre-construction efforts in the neighborhood, so residents will start to see Nex-Tech employees and vehicles.

In September, Nex-Tech announced its intentions to bring fiber to households and additional businesses in Great Bend. Nex-Tech has already built fiber to USD 428 and dozens of businesses.

The proposed fiber expansion brings many benefits to Great Bend.

Jimmy Todd, Chief Executive Officer of Nex-Tech said “Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art services to Kansans and level the playing field for rural America. Access to Gig Internet provides opportunities for telemedicine, supports a work-from-home lifestyle, recruits and retains business and prepares Great Bend for the future.”

Nex-Tech has been providing fiber service for nearly 25 years and was the first company in the nation to build fiber to the home when they brought fiber services to Hill City in 1996. Now, more than 60 Kansas communities are powered by Nex-Tech fiber.

Ryan Axman, Director of I.T. for USD 428, has Nex-Tech fiber services at home and work.

Said Axman, “Before, the only options were Cox or Dish and getting a technician to come out to our location was virtually impossible. Nex-Tech treats us like it’s their hometown. Having a local company that you can go in and talk to and having technicians that live and work in the area and come to your house to take care of things is a big deal for me. The customer service and technical service has been really nice.”

Nex-Tech is still gathering interest from the other 12 zones in Great Bend. Zone A, Twin Lakes Neighborhood, is in the lead in the interest phase. Each neighborhood that meets the required number of customers to achieve feasibility will be prioritized in the buildout process. Neighborhoods with lower interest levels may be served with a hybrid wireless Internet solution instead of fiber.