District Coroner Dr. Jones announces retirement

Posted Dec 02, 2019 3:58 PM

District Coroner Dr. Edward Jones (right) poses with Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellendir at the Barton County Commission meeting Monday, Dec. 2, 2019. Jones announced his retirement as District Coroner after holding the position the past 25 years.


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Dr. Edward Jones was appointed District Coroner of the 20th Judicial District in December 1994, and has served as a coroner in some capacity since 1969.

Jones submitted his letter of resignation to Barton County Commissioners at Monday’s meeting and announcing his retirement.

Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellendir says he has probably learned more from Jones than any class he has attended during his time in law enforcement regarding life, death, and medicine.

"Dr. Jones is probably one of the best teachers for law enforcement that I ever ran across," said Bellendir. "I started in 1981, and the first autopsies I went to were with Jones."

The 20th District consists of Barton, Ellsworth, Rice, Russell, and Stafford counties. Jones also served as coroner for the 24th District in the past that consists of Edwards, Hodgeman, Lane, Ness, Pawnee, and Rush counties. Commission Chair Jennifer Schartz wished Jones well in his retirement.

"You provide a service that most of us do not want to know anything about," said Schartz. "You are out in all hours and we appreciate that you keep things behind closed doors. I wish you well in your retirement."

Jones was reappointed to a four-year term as District Coroner last year that is set to run through 2022. County Administrator Phil Hathcock and Bellendir worked to find a new District Coroner and were able to recruit Dr. Stanley Hatesohl. Hatesohl was appointed to serve the remaining years of Jones’ term. Hatesohl served as a coroner in Clay County for 20 years.

Barton County pays a monthly stipend to the District Coroner and a fee per call.

A reception was held following the Commission meeting in the Barton County Courthouse to show appreciation to both Jones and Hatesohl.

Dr. Stanley Hatesohl was appointed to serve the remaining term through 2022 as District Coroner for the 20th Judicial District at Monday's Barton County Commission meeting.

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