Nov 27, 2019 8:11 PM

Spreading kindness at Great Bend High School

Posted Nov 27, 2019 8:11 PM

The Post-it Note initiative at Great Bend High School from the Random Act of Kindness club spread positive messages across the school.


Great Bend Post

Joanna Sanchez is a senior at Great Bend High School and is also one of the founders for the Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) club that started this year. Sanchez mentioned she had eight friends in the Dodge City area commit suicide within the past two and half years. One way to help buck that trend, is to be kind to everyone.

The RAK club started with teacher Shelly Duvall jumping on board as a sponsor.

"There is no admission," said Duvall. "With this group it just a matter if you want to be nice to people, come join us. There are no regulations for the amount of meeting they must attend. Whatever you can help with, whatever amount of kindness you can spread, come hang out with us."

The RAK club is up to 80 members now and meet once a month on a Wednesday morning.

The group has put together ideas like “high-five Friday” where they make an effort to give students they do not know a high five throughout the school day. RAK also had a post-it note initiative where they wrote several positive notes and stuck them throughout the entire school. Duvall said another thing she likes about this group is its diversity.

"These kids, mostly, do not hang out together," said Duvall. "They are from all different groups within the school, but there is not a single on of them that feels they cannot speak when we meet."

Any student or staff member is welcome to join RAK.