Sep 19, 2023

Great Bend Fire Dept. expanding training facility

Posted Sep 19, 2023 2:50 AM

Great Bend Post

The Great Bend Fire Department has been working with Haz-Mat Response to create large upgrades to their training at Fire Station #2 on west 10th Street. Heavy equipment has been on site to handle dirt work to start a multiple-phase project.

Great Bend Fire Chief Brent Smith said the improvements will include a training ground expansion.

"We can't get enough training," said Smith. "It's one thing I really stress. We have to be prepared for everything because our closest neighbors that have that training are a long way away. We need to be able to help our citizens as best we can."

More buildings will be added to the property to bolster the fire department's burn facility. A grain bin has been brought to the property to train for agriculture and confined space rescues. Eventually, a tank car will be added from the railroad that will allow firefighters to practice dealing with hazardous materials.

"Troy is working with his contacts to hopefully get things to happen," said Smith. "Good things are happening out there. I'd really like to thank Haz-Mat Response for what they've done for us."

Smith estimated the complete expansion of the training facility will be spaced out from now through the end of 2024.