Dec 07, 2022

Action from the Barton County Commission meeting (12/7)

Posted Dec 07, 2022 6:49 PM

Action from the Wednesday, December 7, 2022, agenda:

APPROVAL OF APPROPRIATIONS: -An Accounts Payable Register was approved for the period of November 23, 2022, and ending December 7, 2022.

OLD BUSINESS - OCCUPANCY AGREEMENT: 12th and Kansas, Great Bend:
   -Matt Patzner, Director of Operations, provided details. As a means of community support, the State of Kansas Parole office is housed in the County office building at 1208 Kansas, Great Bend. This agency reimburses Barton County for a portion of the building’s utility costs. The adopted agreement will expire December 31, 2023.

NEW BUSINESS - COUNTY CLERK’S OFFICE: Request for Approval – Added / Abated / Escaped / Refunded Taxes:
   -Bev Schmeidler, County Clerk, presented a listing of Added / Abated / Escaped / Refunded Taxes. Orders for these actions are kept on file in the County Clerk’s Office. It was approved.

GOLDEN BELT HUMANE SOCIETY: Operational and Support Agreement:     -Commissioner Barb Esfeld will present details. The Golden Belt Humane Society offered an updated agreement to the County designating the Humane Society as the Animal Control Authority. The one-year agreement was approved.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Operating Improvements:
   -Dereck Hollingshead, Information Technology Director, will provide details. Office 365 Business enables all computer users to have email hosting, protection and archiving as well as a desktop version of Office. The Commission approved the purchase of licensing of Office 365 Business Platform and Advanced Threat Protection from True.Org Cloud. Total cost is $31,224.00, is to be paid from the 2023 Budget, General Fund, Information Technology.

DISTRICT CORONER: Appointment of Deputy Coroners and Special Deputy Coroners:
   -Mr. Patzner will provide details. In action taken last week, Dr. Patrick Stiles was appointed to a four-year term as coroner beginning January, 2023. Dr. Stiles has subsequently made recommendation as to the appointment of Deputy Coroners and Special Deputy Coroners as prescribed by Kansas Statutes and by Resolution 2006-11, District Coroner. Deputies serve a four-year term equal to that of the Coroner and Special Deputies serve one-year calendar terms.

Commissioner Kirby Krier discussed air quality in County buildings and possibly moving the Treasurer’s Office to the first floor of the Courthouse.

Jim Jordan, County Treasurer, discussed tax statement mailings. The process of mailing tax statements is hampered by the receipt of information from 56 different taxing entities.