Feb 25, 2023

CAMPBELL: Basic wildlife habitat management principles of white-tailed deer

Posted Feb 25, 2023 9:00 PM
written by: Stacy Campbell - Cottonwood Extension District
written by: Stacy Campbell - Cottonwood Extension District

Did you know that deer hunting was enjoyed by 7.9 million people in 2016?

Deer hunters come join us on Tuesday, March 7th at 6:00 p.m. at the Cottonwood Extension Meeting room, 601 Main Street in Hays.

Drew Richetts, an assistant professor and Extension Wildlife specialist with K-State Research & Extension will give a ninety-minute program on white-tailed deer biology, space use, cover requirements, nutritional requirements, managing white-tailed deer habitat, supplemental feeding and managing white-tailed deer populations.

A meal will be provided for only $5.00 per person, payable at the door. RSVP is requested for the meal count by Friday, March 3rd. Call 785-628-9430 that’s 628-9430 or email Theresa at [email protected] that’s [email protected]

Come learn how to improve the habitat and increase your chances of success when pursuing the most popular game animal in North America.