Mar 22, 2023

Great Bend will wait 400+ days to get new $436K fire engine

Posted Mar 22, 2023 3:00 PM

Great Bend Post

The Great Bend City Council voted in favor of the purchase of a $436,000 fire engine truck at Monday’s meeting. The process to replace the fire department’s 1992 pumper/tanker begin in late 2019. Great Bend Deputy Fire Chief Brent Smith said at that time, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines have an engine being a frontline apparatus for 10 years then moving to a backup for five years before being retired out of the fire service.

"The guidelines show that truck should have been replaced no later than 15 years," said Smith. "With good maintenance and care, we've been able to keep that truck in service as long as we have. The truck is tested annually. The truck did pass its last pump test, but the company did cut the test a little bit short because they were afraid the truck would overheat."

A committee was formed to find a new pumper/tanker truck. The committee went on five trips across the country to look at fire trucks in other cities that were close to what Great Bend was looking for.

"Almost the exact truck we're buying is in McAlester, Oklahoma," said Smith. "We looked at that truck to make sure this was something we could put in service here and be a good addition to our fleet."

Of the two bids received by the deadline, Great Bend approved the low bid from Deep South Fire Trucks for $436,000. The delivery time on the new vehicle will be between 400 to 465 days.