May 04, 2021 4:00 PM

A new ride will be coming to fix Great Bend’s potholes

Posted May 04, 2021 4:00 PM

Great Bend Post

A constant complaint heard in any community is the need of street repairs. Great Bend residents, are no different, voicing their concerns over potholes and street conditions.

The City of Great Bend will drop more than $160,000 to help address the pothole issue as the city council approved the purchase of a new HD Industries ProPatch truck from Dodge City International.

Great Bend Mayor Cody Schmidt and councilmember Jolene Biggs wanted to make sure the truck would be well used.

"It would be nice with a brand new truck that we utilize it as much as we can," said Biggs. "That seems to be the issue that most citizens have is the streets."

The patcher truck will replace the city’s current 1995 Ford ProPatch. Currently, the truck is out of service and will be going to the welding shop. None of the three vendors that the city acquired bids from wanted the current patcher truck as a trade-in. The 1995 model will be placed up for bid once it is repaired.

"Whenever we don't have any big projects going on, we can pull employees away and have them go patch," said Public Works Director Jason Cauley. "There are few slow days that are made for patching."

The money for the $162,622 pothole patcher will come from the capital outlay, special street fund.