Apr 03, 2024

Great Bend Police to add more license plate cameras

Posted Apr 03, 2024 12:00 PM

Great Bend Post

Last February, the Great Bend Police Department secured a $132,000 federal grant to purchase license plate recognition technology and cameras. The Police Department was made aware that they would receive the same grant amount this year, which will be released in September.

Police Chief Steve Haulmark said the technology has been helpful tracking criminals driving through town.

"We've had minor successes and also felony arrests," said Haulmark. "We've recovered about eight stolen vehicles and several stolen tags. It was used to locate wanted persons. It was used in an investigation for two trailers that were stolen in Great Bend and one was recovered in Wichita."

The funds will be used to renew the lease for the existing 12 cameras and add eight more cameras for a period of 24 months. The Flock Safety technology also allows Great Bend to access cameras throughout the state and beyond.

"In the case of the stolen trailers, we were able to learn the suspect had been in town in the stolen vehicle like seven times," said Haulmark. "It helped pin down some things."

Great Bend positions the cameras at major passages in and out of town to catch license plates.