Sep 29, 2022

New fishing dock at Vet’s Lake installed, more work to be done

Posted Sep 29, 2022 12:00 PM
New fishing dock at Veterans Lake in Great Bend.
New fishing dock at Veterans Lake in Great Bend.

Great Bend Post

A new fishing dock has been installed at Veterans Lake in Great Bend, but more work still needs to be done.

The dock, located on the south side of the lake, is not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible at the moment.

Great Bend Public Lands Director Scott Keeler said the lake is currently sitting about two and a half feet below normal water level, and probably four feet below what the average has been over the last five years.

"The water will come back up," said Keeler. "We'll continue to pour sidewalk to keep it ADA accessible. The one at Vet's will have to have a few cutbacks to keep the slope."

The city is also expecting the arrival of a canoe / kayak launcher to be placed at Stone Lake, south of town. The launcher, attaches to a dock, and makes getting into and out of the canoe / kayak easier. If the launcher gets good use at Stone, the city will look into placing one at Vet's.

Keeler said the launcher was backordered and expects it to arrive next week.