May 13, 2022

Barton County Commission supports substance abuse prevention

Posted May 13, 2022 9:00 PM
Central Kansas Partnership leaders and participants on Wednesday
Central Kansas Partnership leaders and participants on Wednesday

Great Bend Post

The Barton County Commission approved a proclamation on Wednesday declaring this week as National Prevention Week in Barton County. The proclamation was read at the commission's weekly meeting by nine people who participate in substance abuse prevention and mental health programs sponsored by Central Kansas Partnership. That organization includes several task forces that address prevention in different ways.

County Commissioner Jon Prescott thanked the group, which included several teenagers, for their presentation.

"It's a great experience to see you here, and to stand out, step up and share what you're doing and the focus you have," Prescott said. "The maturity you're showing is incredible, so I appreciate that very much."

According to a 2022 national survey on drug use and health, an estimated 52.9 million Americans ages 18 and older experience A substance use or mental health challenge each year.