Jun 22, 2022

Unsafe house on Monroe expected to be demolished

Posted Jun 22, 2022 10:00 PM
814 Monroe Street
814 Monroe Street

Great Bend Post

The property owner plans to demolish the house soon, but the Great Bend City Council went ahead Monday night during a public hearing to approve a resolution finding the structure at 814 Monroe Street unsafe and dangerous.

The property owner returned from Texas to find out the property was condemned and also rezoned. The city council scheduled the public hearing in May.

Great Bend Building Official Logan Burns said a new zoning map for the city was released in 2004, and the property, just a couple blocks away from 10th Street was rezoned to commercial.

"To the end of the that block all the way up to 10th Street, all that area is zoned C-2 (commercial) now," said Burns. "It's zoned R-3 (residential) was you get closer to Washington. All that area, for the reason of expanding the commercial businesses, has been zoned to C-2."

The house would be “grandfathered” in for the commercial zone if it was in good standing as a nonconforming structure in a commercial zone. Now that the house needs to be demolished, the property would have to rezoned to residential if the owner wants to build a new house.

Many of the sides of the structure at 814 Monroe have begun to settle. Windows are broken out, the foundation has cracks, siding is deteriorated and the roof is damaged.

The owner plans to raze the structure this week.