Aug 05, 2022

Russell Fire Dept. awarded equipment for hazardous materials

Posted Aug 05, 2022 4:04 PM

Press Release...

The City of Russell Fire Department has been awarded a $5,127.00 grant to purchase hazmat equipment from the Kansas Pipeline Association, this equipment will enhance the department’s ability to respond to hazardous materials events.

The Kansas Pipeline Association provided funds for the department to purchase:

• 3- Pro Drum Patch & Repair Kits

• 3- Oil-only spill kit in 95-gallon overpack salvage drums

• 3- Truck Spill Kits

The hazmat equipment that was purchased will help when cleaning up hazardous material spills, helping patch and seal fuel tanks leaking from accidents, and other types of spills ranging from oil, fuel, or other chemicals.

The City of Russell Fire would like to thank the Kansas Pipeline Association for the grant.