Jul 09, 2024

Great Bend Youth Football Registration deadline July 14th

Posted Jul 09, 2024 7:25 PM

Great Bend Youth Football Registration

-$208.50 Registration fee(additional jersey fee later, player keeps)

-All registration will be handled online at links below.

-You will need personal insurance policy information.

-Birth certificate

-You'll also need a physical for the current athletic season, it will need to be completed before the registration.

-Equipment will be checked out on a date set later through your coach.

Mike Ringo 620-282-7164(3rd grade)

Cody Kelly 620-797-4750(4th grade)

Clint Pangburn 620-617-7940(5th grade)

JC Stroup 308-882-1735(6th grade)

Zack Kaiser 620-786-8874

Rex Kern 620-791-8464