Jan 11, 2021 11:07 AM

Panthers go 3-2 at Dodge City

Posted Jan 11, 2021 11:07 AM

The Great Bend Panther Wresting team went 3-2 in dual action Saturday at the 3rd annual Dodge City Invitational.

The Panthers return to action Thursday in a home dual against Pratt.

Dodge City Dual Results

Great Bend 56 Emporia 22

106: Kaden Spragis (GRBE) over (EMPO) (For.)

113: Avery Wolf (GRBE) over (EMPO) (For.)

120: Robby Gutierrez (GRBE) over Lukas Hainline (EMPO) (Fall 5:27)

126: Cooper Liles (GRBE) over David Tucker (EMPO) (TF 18-2 3:17)

132: John Szot (GRBE) over (EMPO) (For.)

138: Austin Moore (GRBE) over (EMPO) (For.)

145: Xerarch Tungjaroenkul (EMPO) over Kaidence Sanchez (GRBE) (MD 12-0)

152: Mario Enriquez (GRBE) over (EMPO) (For.)

160: Matthew Johnson (GRBE) over Alex Redick (EMPO) (Fall 1:53)

170: Scott Heilman (GRBE) over Ethan Garate (EMPO) (Dec 5-2)

182: Bobby Trujillo (EMPO) over (GRBE) (For.)

195: Keyven Schroeder (GRBE) over Carter Garza (EMPO) (Fall 1:21)

220: Dylan Stopp (EMPO) over (GRBE) (For.)

285: Diego Flores-Delgado (EMPO) over Blake Davis (GRBE) (Fall 2:35)

Great Bend 54 Goddard 22

106: Kaden Spragis (GRBE) over Levi Glover (GODD) (MD 13-1)

113: Jayden Miller (GODD) over Avery Wolf (GRBE) (Dec 7-2)

120: Kaiden Hoffman (GRBE) over Branden Means (GODD) (Fall 0:46)

126: Phoenix Rothenberger (GODD) over Cooper Liles (GRBE) (Dec 5-1)

132: John Szot (GRBE) over Nathan Simpson (GODD) (Fall 1:02)

138: Isaiah Holmes (GODD) over Austin Moore (GRBE) (Fall 1:15)

145: Jerrdon Fisher (GODD) over Kaidence Sanchez (GRBE) (Fall 4:43)

152: Carson Wall (GODD) over Mario Enriquez (GRBE) (Fall 3:33)

160: Jace Fisher (GODD) over Matthew Johnson (GRBE) (Fall 3:48)

170: Nolan Craine (GODD) over Scott Heilman (GRBE) (Fall 2:38)

182: Logan Davidson (GODD) over (GRBE) (For.)

195: Keyven Schroeder (GRBE) over (GODD) (For.)

220: Nathan Kimbell (GODD) over (GRBE) (For.)

285: Braydon Wickliffe (GODD) over Blake Davis (GRBE) (Fall 1:13)

Great Bend 46 Valley Center 27

106: Kaden Spragis (GRBE) over Jett Schwartz (VACE) (Fall 0:54)

113: Avery Wolf (GRBE) over Ben Carver (VACE) (Fall 3:30)

120: Robby Gutierrez (GRBE) over Hunter Huffman (VACE) (Fall 0:59)

126: Alyeus Craig (VACE) over Cooper Liles (GRBE) (Fall 1:14)

132: John Szot (GRBE) over Xander Craig (VACE) (Fall 0:39)

138: Austin Moore (GRBE) over Derek Truman (VACE) (Fall 2:45)

145: Kaidence Sanchez (GRBE) over (VACE) (For.)

152: Cameron Bowyer (VACE) over Mario Enriquez (GRBE) (Fall 1:00)

160: Easton Boone (VACE) over Matthew Johnson (GRBE) (Dec 8-2)

170: Scott Heilman (GRBE) over Brett Turner (VACE) (Fall 1:24)

182: Trynten Flores (VACE) over (GRBE) (For.)

195: Keyven Schroeder (GRBE) over Kyler Palmer (VACE) (MD 10-2)

220: Double Forfeit 285: Eli Hunt (VACE) over Blake Davis (GRBE) (Fall 1:08)

Junction City 39 Great Bend 38

106: Kaden Spragis (GRBE) over Ezekiel Witt (JUCI) (TF 17-1 3:24)

113: Zachary Petrusky (JUCI) over Avery Wolf (GRBE) (Fall 1:23)

120: Robby Gutierrez (GRBE) over Kayden Blake (JUCI) (Dec 8-3)

126: Patrick Foxworth (JUCI) over Cooper Liles (GRBE) (Dec 12-5)

132: John Szot (GRBE) over Ashton Schreiner (JUCI) (Fall 4:56)

138: Austin Moore (GRBE) over (JUCI) (For.)

145: CJ Neuman (JUCI) over Kaidence Sanchez (GRBE) (Fall 3:18)

152: Griffin Bohanan (JUCI) over Mario Enriquez (GRBE) (Fall 0:25)

160: Matthew Johnson (GRBE) over (JUCI) (For.)

170: Scott Heilman (GRBE) over Logan Nabus (JUCI) (Fall 1:20)

182: Chris Owens (JUCI) over (GRBE) (For.)

195: Isaiah Zinkan (JUCI) over (GRBE) (For.)

220: Judah Peterson (JUCI) over (GRBE) (For.)

285: Blake Davis (GRBE) over (JUCI) (For.)

Pratt 64 Great Bend 15

106: Kaden Spragis (GRBE) over Maddox Riffey (PRAT) (Fall 0:50)

113: Avery Wolf (GRBE) over Dalton Weber (PRAT) (Dec 9-7)

120: Robby Gutierrez (GRBE) over Natanael Chavez (PRAT) (Fall 0:27)

126: Devon Weber (PRAT) over (GRBE) (For.)

132: Kaiser Pelland (PRAT) over John Szot (GRBE) (Fall 3:34)

138: Keishaune Thompson (PRAT) over Austin Moore (GRBE) (MD 10-2)

145: Ke`Rel Thompson (PRAT) over (GRBE) (For.)

152: Hogan Thompson (PRAT) over Mario Enriquez (GRBE) (Fall 0:48)

160: Zachary Lamatsch (PRAT) over Matthew Johnson (GRBE) (Fall 1:47)

170: Bryce Winsor (PRAT) over (GRBE) (For.)

182: Iziah Cook (PRAT) over (GRBE) (For.)

195: Enoch Walton (PRAT) over (GRBE) (For.)

220: Easton Rector (PRAT) over (GRBE) (For.)

285: Jesus Ornelas (PRAT) over Blake Davis (GRBE) (Fall 0:42)