Jun 18, 2022

Member Schools Vote to Approve Classification Change - Moves to Next Step

Posted Jun 18, 2022 5:41 PM

KSHSAA Press Release

TOPEKA, Kan. - On April 29, 2022, the KSHSAA Board of Directors considered changes to KSHSAA Rule 5 – Classification of Senior High Schools. Following discussion and deliberation, the Board supported the first step in a process to change school classification. This proposal introduces a "multiplier" for private schools which inflates their enrollment number for classification purposes. Per Board approval, the next step in the process was to assess the opinion of member schools in the Association. This was initiated on May 6, 2022, via a ballot distributed to all Principals and Superintendents of member schools via e-mail. Ballot submission from each member school was due June 14, 2022. KSHSAA Bylaw Article XII, Section 4 requires the majority of the membership to approve a classification proposal (in this case, 177 of the 353 member schools), and to be supported with by a majority of schools from the majority of classifications impacted (in this case, 4 out of the 6 enrollment classifications).

Results from the member school voting follow:

Voting Results were as follows:

Class 6A

Yes = 6 (16.7%) No = 30

Class 5A

Yes = 17 (47.2%) No = 19

Class 4A

Yes = 30 (83.3%) No = 6

Class 3A

Yes = 46 (71.9%) No = 18

Class 2A

Yes = 43 (67.2%) No = 21

Class 1A

Yes = 74 (63.2%) No = 43

Total Number of Member School Votes

Yes = 216 (61.2%) No = 139

Accordingly, the proposal has passed this step of the process.

Please note: With this approval by member schools, a change must now be made to Kansas State Statute to allow for more than just student attendance to affect KSHSAA classifications. State of Kansas Identifying Statutes need to be approved by both the State Board of Education and the State Legislature prior to implementation. Without these approvals, the school approved amendment would not be permissible. As previously written and proposed to the KSHSAA Board of Directors, changes to K.S.A. 2014 Supp. 72-7114 will be presented by KSHSAA staff to both groups for amendment in the days ahead.