Apr 03, 2024

Great Bend police to create safe drop-off zones at new building

Posted Apr 03, 2024 5:00 PM

Great Bend Post

Years ago at the old Great Bend Police Department station on Williams Street, the city established a safe drop-off zone for residents. With many online market exchanges, people are selling items to local citizens. Instead of having a stranger meet you at your house, the Great Bend Police Department created a couple of parking stalls near the police station where patrons can meet.

City Administrator Brandon Anderson said a drop-off zone will be created at the new police station at the intersection of 12th Street and Baker Avenue.

"They'll be moving that to the new police station," said Anderson. "That'll be advertised and we'll get the word out on that. It's good to offer those safe drop-off zones for the public."

The drop-off zone will be under police surveillance and right next to the nearly $9 million Justice Center. The Police Department is in the process of working with the Public Works and Streets departments to create the drop-off stalls.