Oct 14, 2021 3:00 PM

Barton County Board of Health: All workers are essential

Posted Oct 14, 2021 3:00 PM
Kirby Krier
Kirby Krier

Great Bend Post

Every worker in Barton County is essential. That's according to a proclamation passed Tuesday by the Barton County Board of Health which is made up of the five members of the Barton County Commission. 

Commissioner Kirby Krier introduced the measure. He explained why. 

“I think that everyone is an essential worker in Barton County,” Krier said. “Every person that works here is an essential worker. I don’t want this class warfare going on with classifications of people that are essential and non-essential. In my eyes, everyone that works in Barton County is essential. So that’s what this proclamation is all about.”    

Commissioner Jennifer Schartz agreed with the sentiment that Krier was expressing, but she said she was concerned that it might cause some confusion. 

"Even though this proclamation doesn’t really carry any weight – it’s just kind of a go get ‘em kind of thing that we appreciate the workers - I think that the wording of it carries a certain amount of weight,” Schartz said. “What I would suggest is instead of using that word essential, which people have connotated to mean something specific in regards to the pandemic, that we say they are either crucial or very important to our economy.” 

Krier did not want to change the wording in the document. In the end, Schartz voted in favor of the proclamation along with all of the other members of the Board.