Jul 13, 2020 5:20 PM

🎧Oxford House: Sharing their stories and thanks

Posted Jul 13, 2020 5:20 PM

Great Bend Post

When the Oxford House opened in Great Bend in February 2016, the hope was to open a second house within a year. That goal was accomplished within a month that following March. The Oxford House program helps individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addition by providing a safe, drug-free environment. There are now four Oxford Houses in Great Bend and several members have been expressing their gratitude to the community for their support of the program.

"My sponsor answers my phone call no matter what time of the day in case I am struggling," said an Oxford House resident. "It gave me a whole new group of people that I can look to for help."

The three hard rules of the house are: you don’t use, don’t cause destruction and pay your rent.

"I do not look at life as a struggle anymore," said another Oxford member. "You take what you have and leave the rest behind."

Oxford House receives donations, but most of the funding for the program comes from residents paying their rent. A fund is built up over time to purchase more houses to assist more addicts.    

"It is a good feeling to leave the past behind. Oxford helps create a new way of thinking to change the history of what you have done and create a new one for yourself."

Listen to all the remarks and stories below from Oxford House supporters and residents at the Great Bend City Council meeting July 6, 2020.