Aug 31, 2020

Be Well Barton County gives grant Great Bend for bicycle sharrows

Posted Aug 31, 2020 6:00 PM

From Be Well Barton County...

The Be Well Barton County committee gave a grant to the City of Great Bend to renew the bicycle sharrows that were painted several years ago. Grant funds were provided by the Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Grant at Barton County Health Department.

Sharrows are pavement markings that improve cycling safety on streets that are too narrow for traditional bike lanes. These markings indicate to drivers that the road is a preferred bicycle route, and that they should be prepared to share the road with cyclists.

Be Well is also recommending that we would add more sharrows since Great Bend is now on the Adventure Cycling Trans America Trail. We want our streets to be as safe as possible for our residents and our guests who travel through here on their trip across America.