May 15, 2024

Great Bend police continue cleanup efforts around town

Posted May 15, 2024 11:35 AM

Great Bend Post

Spring cleaning is in full bloom with the Great Bend Police Department. As a way to clean up trash and refuse, the Police Department pitched the idea of Project Clean Sweep.

Police Chief Steve Haulmark said officers, along with individuals facing traffic violations or misdemeanor charges, have found areas throughout town that need cleaning.

"We have continued to do good things with that," said Haulmark. "We've focused a lot on parks and common areas unless we have a specific project, which we've identified a couple."

Clean Sweep focused on Brit Spaugh Park and Heizer Park earlier this month where Haulmark said participants collected nine bags of trash.

Clean Sweep offers an alternative to paying a fine for the individuals with the violations or charges. The program has also assisted in avoiding potential abatements throughout the city.