Mar 31, 2020 4:23 PM

Central Kansas Relief Fund (Schmidt Foundation Matching up to $5,000 for United Way of Central Kansas)

Posted Mar 31, 2020 4:23 PM

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed our lives. Many schedules have been altered. Some positions have been furloughed. There’s no doubt the pandemic has forced some into desperate times. That’s why Eagle Communications and the United Way of Central Kansas have initiated a relief fund to help the those in serious need in our local community. If you’ve been blessed to have more than enough at this time, We’d encourage you to make a contribution to the United Way of Central Kansas. Through their 22 partner agencies, aid will be provided to our neighbors in need.

Plus the first $5,000 contributed, will be matched. Robert & Patricia Schmidt were the founders of Eagle Communications, and their foundation is offering this opportunity to help our local communities.

To make a contribution by cash or check, mail to Eagle Communications at Box 609, or leave it in the drop box next the main door at the Eagle Media Center. For debit or credit card contributions, follow the link above. The United Way of Central Kansas and Eagle communications thank you for offering relief to the hardest hit in our communities and for Living United.